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(Secondary School Diploma – Diploma in Vocational Studies)

Concurrent programs: A brilliant choice

The basic vocational training regulation allows school boards to offer concurrent programs. This option gives students the opportunity to begin their vocational training while continuing their general education.


This means that you can start your vocational training program while you continue to study some of the subjects in general education normally required as prerequisites for programs leading to a DVS.


You can also choose to continue your program leading to an SSD at the same time as you take another program leading to a DVS. This way, your vocational training credits can be put towards your Secondary School Diploma.


To be eligible for this type of program, students must have earned their Secondary III credits in the core subjects (English, French, mathematics).


Students are awarded a DVS provided that they successfully complete the general education courses in secondary IV that correspond to the prerequisites for their chosen programs of study.


Currently, four school boards offer concurrent programs SSD-DVS


Find out more by asking in your own school about the school boards that offer these concurrent programs.

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