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Transit 15 Project

In this section you will find a wealth of information about the TRANSIT 15 and 16 projects offered at the Commission scolaire de Montréal.


Please note that "Enrollment in Internships" is restricted for project teachers.



Experimentation activities


Below you will find a list of experimentation activities offered at the CSDM from 16 March 16 to June 1, 2016, within the TRANSIT 15 and 16 projects.


Click on the program of your choice to get the many details of the activity (PDF format).


  1. Aménagement et Fleuristerie
  2. Arpentage et topographie
  3. Assistance dentaire
  4. Bijouterie
  5. Carrosserie
  6. Coiffure
  7. Construction
  8. Cuisine
  9. Dessin industriel
  10. Ébénisterie et Finition de meubles
  11. Électromécanique de systèmes automatisés
  12. Esthétique
  13. Fabrication mécanique (aérospatiale)
  14. Mécanique de véhicules lourds
  15. Mode
  16. Rembourrage artisanal
  17. Santé (infirmières auxiliaires)
  18. Santé (préposé aux bénéficiaires)
  19. Soutien informatique et Vente conseil



Registration for internships



Taking attendance (internships)



Student handbook and journal (internships)


Below you will find two accompanying documents for students taking part in the experimental activities of the TRANSIT 15 project:





Accompanier’s guide


The accompanier’s guide is intended for the Vocational Training Exploration course teachers who support students in vocational training centres during the TRANSIT 15 project experimentation activities. It is also intended for teachers in vocational training centres who receive students for internships as part of this project. This guide provides a common framework that sets out more precisely the roles and responsibilities of each participant and sets out the parameters within which they can interact more effectively with students from different CSDM high schools.


To that end, the accompanier’s guide specifies different aspects of the experimentation activity, and more particularly the benchmarks that govern these activity days, as well as instructions for taking student attendance. It also provides an overview of the student's code of ethics and the responsibilities of the student.


The accompanier’s guide is a complement to the descriptive sheets of the experimentation activities that also contain details on each of the activities. It is therefore essential to consult these descriptive sheets in the same way as this guide. These TRANSIT 15 project files are available here.


Guide à venir



Evaluation and evaluation of internships


Document coming soon.



Post-internship survey


Please note that the survey will be online once the internship period has been completed in June 2016.

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